Goal Setting: Common Mistakes to Learn From

Goal setting is a powerful tool for achieving your objectives. It is a self-help technique that is widely used by people to make changes in their lifestyles.

What are Goals, and Why Should You Set Them?

Goals are a roadmap for your success, and they are the key to achieving your dreams and the foundation of motivation. When you have goals, you have a purpose.

However, creating your goals is not easy, and it requires many years of self-reflection, which might not be easy for some people. It also requires discipline to stay on track with your goal-setting process and make progress towards achieving them.

This guide helps you set up long-term goals that align with your vision and priorities and short-term goals to help you reach these long-term ones.

Common Mistake in Goal Setting

The process of setting goals starts with identifying your objectives that are specific, attainable, relevant, realistic, meaningful, time-bound and measurable.

When it comes to goal setting, it is important to understand what steps you need to take in order to achieve your objectives. The first step is making sure that you take action every day in order for the plan to work successfully. You need to take small actions which lead up to big ones over time. Lastly, goal setting should be something you do every day so make sure you keep track of your progress through daily planning sheets or spreadsheets.

Goal setting is an integral part of any productive person’s life. However, there are some mistakes people make when they set their goals. Let us explore a few of those common mistakes when setting goals.

Goal Setting Mistake #1: Not Having a Specific Goal in Mind

The main problem with not having a specific goal is that it makes it more challenging to achieve. Without a pre-agreed upon plan, there is no concrete view of what needs to be accomplished for the person to have reached their goal or milestone, leading them to continuously re-adjust their course without reaching their destination.

Goal Setting Mistake #2: Setting Too Many Goals

Setting too many goals can lead people to become overwhelmed and overstimulated by the number of tasks they need to complete. Achieving each one will help them focus on quality rather than quantity, which is essential in today’s fast-paced world.

goal setting

Goal Setting Mistake #3: Lack of Commitment

Some people commit to their goals by making a plan of action and milestones. But others do not have that level of commitment. They might want to check if they are achieving their goal or not. One way of doing that is by recording the progress of achieving each milestone, but it can be tedious and time-consuming if commitment is enough to set a plan of action first.

Goal Setting Mistake #4: Not Identifying the Resources Needed

Another common mistake in goal setting is identifying what resources you will require for your skillset. It could be knowledge, time, tools, equipment, etc. Once you know what you need and how it can help you reach your goals, set an achievable goal that is realistic and measurable.

If someone wants to make a movie but doesn’t have any idea on how to start their journey with filmmaking, they might set a goal like “I want to make a movie by next week.” It would be difficult for them because they don’t have the necessary skill set at their disposal – which is filmmaking.


Goal setting is a challenging task for some people. However, you can make it much easier now that we have gone through some common goal setting mistakes.


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