The selection of a topic for a speech is a very important step. You want to try and find an interesting topic that will capture the attention of your audience. There are many different ways you can come up with speech topics, with these being some of the most common ways.

1) Think of A Popular News Story

2) Keep something in mind that has happened recently in your own life

3) Search for speeches by famous people and see what they talk about

4) Brainstorm possible topics on a given topic

5) Read through your favorite books and try to find something in it that you could talk about

What is a Speech?

A speech is a verbal presentation that uses language and body language to convey ideas or information to an audience.

A speech can be structured into three sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

The introduction is the first part of the speech where you give background information about the topic and frame your message for what you want to talk about.

The body of your speech conveys your main points in chronological order.

The conclusion is where you summarize your main points, restate the major idea that you want people to remember or give a call to action to the audience.

Choosing A Topic

Choosing a topic for a speech can be one of the most challenging things to do!

There are many ways to choose a topic. You can select something that’s very current, whether it be politics or something like the Olympics. A good thing to think about is your audience – what will resonate with them? What do they want to hear about? You may also want to consider what you’re passionate about.

The Right Audience

The right audience for your speech is the audience you need to actually change your beliefs. If you want to convince someone of something, then the people who are most likely to be influenced by your argument are those who already agree with it.

Understand the Types of Speeches

Generally, there are 3 types of speeches:

  1. Speeches to inform. These type of speeches seek to provide information to the audience.
  2. Speeches to motivate. These type of speeches seek to motivate the audience for a call to action.
  3. Speeches to entertain. These type of speeches seek to provide humor, drama or even for the audience enjoyment.

There may be other types of speeches but you can start with these 3 first.

Decide on the Purpose

The decision you make as to what type of speech to deliver will influence your preparation.

  1. What is the purpose for my speech?
  2. What are the steps I can take to achieve my speech purpose?
  3. How does my purpose relate to the idea of authenticity?

Create your main message.

In this section, we will explore how you can create a compelling main message for your speech. The main message is the central idea of your speech and it is the most important element to achieving success.

So, how do you create your main message?

  • One sentence message. Write your message in one sentence. If you are able to write one sentence that clearly sums your message, then you are on the right track. The core message of your speech or presentation is what you want your audience to remember. It should be short and catchy. This is the message that you want to be communicated at the end of your speech or presentation. The core message is usually one sentence and it gives a sense of accomplishment for both the speaker and audience. A good example of a core message would be “The world needs more entrepreneurs”.
  • Believe in the message. When you have the core message, ask yourself, “Do I believe in the message? Does it resonate with me?”. When you believe in your message, preparing your speech will be a breeze.
  • Expand the message. Now that you have gotten your main message, it is time to expand it.

In the world of presentations, we often hold onto the idea that every single point we make will be remembered. The reality is that only a few points will be remembered from your speech. Therefore, you should design your content to ensure few points are remembered by the audience.

Delivering Presentation Effectively

A presentation is not just about what you are saying, but how you say it. It is the power of your speech and your body language that will catch their attention and convince them to do something.

Below are some tips to deliver a successful oral presentation:

  • Introduction of the topic should be short and concise to capture audience’s attention
  • Use powerful words
  • Use eye contact technique when speaking
  • Speak with confidence
  • Make sure gestures are appropriate


Presenting an speech or presentation is a part of a a student’s life, an executive at a corporation or even a youth speaker. It is one of the most challenging tasks that they have to but it’s possible to overcome.

I hope this article has helped you in some way to select an interesting topic for your next presentation. I hope that you will be able to make a high-quality speech and I wish you good luck!