Hello World! That’s the first thing you see when signing up for a social network account.

For me, it’s a Hello World, and in came to mind, an oldies song “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”. So is the purpose of this blog; I’d like to share what I’ve learned and practiced in my life in the area of personal development. In return, I hope it will help you too.

My name is Ansovinus Bonus Chai (ABC). Yes, Bonus is my official name, first in world, perhaps? I started my journey in personal development during my years in primary to secondary school (or elementary to high school), I had a thing for personal development talks that were held at my school; a speaker would come to the school, deliver a talk, and I get excited and, somehow, I knew I’d be standing in front on stage some day. That day came when I was 15 years old. I was helping out at a non-profit organization helping teens. A late mentor took me in and a group of us were ‘young speakers’ giving talks, seminars and workshops to peers. Imagine that, a 15 years old boy giving a speech to a class of peers. Who would have thought? It continued until I completed university. I moved on to help out with the university’s leadership academy for a few years in the area of team building. I love the excitement of running team building activities and reflection / debriefing sessions.

Years later, I’m still excited over personal development and how it makes people’s lives get better and better. Not only that, when people’s lives get better, it creates a community of people helping people. When you’re excited about something, wouldn’t it be great to share that excitement to others? I hope that I can create tons of valuable content that will impact your life.

From myself to you, “Hello World!”

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